Kia ora! It is Vuong

In brief, Vuong is addicted to $addiction = []; $addiction["tech"] = "unlimited"; && addiction["philosophy"] = "analytic philosophy aka philosophy of language"; && $addiction ['literature'] = "short stories, currently";

Experienced and work comfortably with, but not limited to, PHP, Laravel, WordPress, Codeigniter, (possibly Symfony || Silverstripe || any PHP framework && CMS), MySQL, JS, jQuery, Vue.js, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS. Certified elsewhere.

Sometimes I write about PHP and JavaScript

Somethings I made

  • [05/2017] Vietnamese Sino Dictionary
  • [07/2017] Objective Test - aka "trắc nghiệm"
  • [11/2017] Tool designed to automatically convert written Vietnamese to phonetic symbols
  • [11/2017] A "new" written script of Vietnamese
  • [12/2017] Hacker News, my own version
  • [12/2017] English - Vietnamese - English Dictionary
  • [01/2018] English Picture Dictionary
  • [05/2018] NewNuke - A tiny PHP framework
  • [06/2018] Secure, Encrypted && Private Communication System
  • [03/2019] Non-paywall newspapers "for" student (It may not work at some points when the site updates the design and regex pattern used in the script may not work)
  • [04/2019] WP Security Master - A WordPress plugin to protect the admin dashboard
  • [06/2019] Crown Theme - WordPress themes (yeal, a plural noun!) in the progress of development
  • [08/2019] LaraApp - A blog on top of Laravel 5.8 - Github
  • contact me:>where('thissite', '=', 'vuongnguyen');


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